Course curriculum

  • 1

    Hurst Time Cycle

    • Introduction

    • Introduction to Hurst time cycle and Gann

    • The Basic parameters of cycle and concept of Stowell's pyramid: understanding of the various phases of the market.

    • Phase shifting: multiple cycles act in the market. Principles of Hurst time cycle

    • Different ways to identify a cycle

  • 2

    Practical Application of Hurst Time Cycle

    • Cycles are of fractal nature. Everything is governed by cycles

    • Practical application of cycle identiication, concept of translation

    • Practical application of cycles on Tradingview application

  • 3

    VLD and FLD

    • Cycles are dynamic: Expansion and contraction of cycles

    • Concept of VLD:VAlid Trend Line

    • FLD: a powerful tool in cyclical analysis

    • Detailed understanding of future Line of Demarcation

    • Practical application of FLD

  • 4

    Gann square of 9

    • Key note about mentorship

    • Gann square of 9 : Use in combination of Hurst time cycles produces extraordinary results

    • Seasonality in Stock Market

    • Practical application of Hurst time cycle, Gann sqaure of 9 and Ichimoku cloud combined together

    • Mentorship - A key to Successful Trader

    • Notes - Time Forecasting and Cyclical Analysis Combining Hurst’s, Gann Cycles

  • 5

    Exclusive Q&A Session along with Market Outlook with MOC client and Mentees

    • Discussing the application of Time Cycles and revising the core concepts again and what changed as 11794 was broken!