Course curriculum

  • 1

    Trade Like a Pro - Methods that 5% of the Successful Traders USE

  • 2

    Meditation and Markets

    • Meditative Practice to Reduce Anxiety Before the Trade and Make it BIG

    • 5 Rules Must To Be Among Top 5% of Successful Traders

    • Dow Theory, Count the Candles & See the Magic, Channels, Trendlines

  • 3

    Trader's Paradise, Eco System, Patterns and Targets

    • How to Keep the Learning Going, Necessary Eco System to Support a Budding Trader!

    • Deriving Targets using Patterns, Market is Manifestation of the Collective Thought Process

    • Why 200 Day's Moving Average Does Not Work, Application on Reliance Ind, Nifty, Bank Nifty Trade Setup

    • Notes for Strong Conceptualization

  • 4

    How To Leverage and Pull the Trigger, Ride the Trend When It is Your Time!

    • How To Leverage on the Right Trade, Deriving Exact Entry and Exit Levels in Scientific Ways

    • Indicators Must To USE, Deriving Parameters Not in Books but Works!

    • Combining Trade Setups with Trading Psychology

    • ATR and Bollinger Bands - Unique Insights Into Volatility Trading

  • 5

    Discipline - The Foundation Of Success

    • Things Beyond Happen in Calm Mind, Be calm, You're Brilliant!

    • Candlestick Patterns - Right Eye required to Avoid Pitfall

    • Intro to Elliot Wave, Fibonacci and Market's Address

    • Stock Selection, Practical Application Across Time Frames for Precise Trade Entry and Exit

    • Option Writing Strategy for Expiry Day Trades

    • Mentor is the Key to Become A Disciplined Trader

    • Traders Are Not Born But Made

    • Transformation - Creating Wonderful Traders, Money Making Should be Fun